Celebrity Health: Dancing Through The Pain

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Sign up now! Celebrity Health: Dancing Through the Pain Travis Wall, former aSo You Think You Can Dancea competitor and professional choreographer, conquers hip pain daily Travel Deals Lisa Iannucci, CTW Features Posted: Saturday, October 12, 2013, 4:13 AM Travis Wall knows his days as a dancer are numbered. This talented young man, who first appeared on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance as a competitor, came in second place and has since gone on to earn three Emmy nominations for his choreography on SYTYCD and Dancing With the Stars, has struggled with a birth defect for years. While you wouldnt know it by looking at him, Wall feels the effects. My hips were jammed when they were born, I had no movement in my hip socket, he says. The space between the hips created a lot of scar tissue and bone spurs because I was told from my doctor that I was trying to rotate bone on bone. I was told to keep active or the hips would not move. It was a scary diagnosis for the dancer, who has been dancing since he was three years old under his mothers tutelage at her dance studio. I would come home from school and dance from 4 to 10 pm every night, he says. Although this is a life-changing diagnosis, Wall isnt new to injuries that affect his body. When I did a Broadway show, I had ripped my growth plate in my knee and needed six to eight months of physical therapy, he says. I had to start from scratch and lost all flexibility. More coverage Is chronic pain all in your head?

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson launches workout program for men

to test the new program, according to a report. AFP RELAXNEWS Tracy Anderson / AFP Tracy Anderson “The Method For Beginners” DVD. The trainer has launched a new program just for men. Related Stories Who’s afraid of portraying Liz and Dick? Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West were at first petrified of playing the acting icons Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson , famed for sculpting the famous physiques of Gwyneth Paltrow and Molly Sims, has launched a new program just for men. According to Details magazine, the 38-year-old hardbody has already recruited the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Robert Downey Jr. to test the program. RELATED: TRACY ANDERSON: I COULD TRANSFORM LENA DUNHAM The men’s program will include $40 for each class at Anderson’s Los Angeles and New York City studios, beginning October 14. A DVD release will follow in early 2014, plus classes on Xbox Fitness . While Anderson has created a fitness empire with her dance-based technique using light dumbbells, she doesn’t plan to change that too much for the guys. Weights will be about five to ten pounds (roughly three to five kilos), but with enough repetitions to leave you aching. Plus the course will feature “high-intensity, agility-based cardio work” and a “focused core routine that defines the abdominal muscles,” according to a press release.