Miley Cyrus Can Ride Wit Nelly Anytime! Rapper Defends Her Behavior & Draws Madonna Comparisons!

MileyBird may smoke weed by the ounce and stick her tongue out more frequently than a dehydrated puppy dog, but who is she hurting really? Robin Thicke certainly didn’t complain about any chaffing! Nelly also implied MileyBird might have it harder than Madonna in some ways! He said: “Madonna, she did it her way, and she became one of the greatest female entertainers of all time. Madonna grew up in the age of no social media, she wasn’t under the type of scrutiny that Miley’s under. Yeah, Miley twerked on stage at 20, but Madonna kissed two girls on stage at 50! Come on man, leave her alone!” We aren’t so sure a comparison to Her Madgesty is apt quite yet, but we get the rapper’s point!! Come on, man! Leave her alone ! Note: your comment may take a few minutes to appear. Note: your comment may take a few minutes to appear. name * THE ONLY THING I DON’T LIKE ABOUT HER IS HER CLOTHES. THEY’RE LIKE BAD 80’S STYLE THAT NEVER MADE IT OFF THE DRAWING BORED THEY ARE SO UNFLATTERING TO HER BODY IF I WAS A GUY I WOULDN’T LOOK TWICE JUST BECAUSE OF HER WARDROBE THEY ARE NOT SEXY AT ALL Sara Dear god, Ride Wit Me is 14 years old? O_O JP says reply to this 3 there is a time and place, and to me and my opinion you could put this girl behind a black screen and she would still kill it in record sales. there is no reason besides the fact she is testing her boundaries as a spoiled young women finding her way, as to why in the hell the world needs to look at her half ass naked body everyday.

Madonna Sends Email for Her Mentor’s Award, and CBGB Movie Debuts

A couple hundred record industry types came down to the Bowery Hotel, where Steins long long time friend and colleague producer Richard Gottehrer presented the award to Stein, founder of Sire Records. Madonna was more interested in being photographed at the 12 Years a Slave premiere than showing up for the man who discovered her and made her what she is today. But she did send that email. No less an eminence than former Warner Music Group owner Edgar Bronfman, Jr, paid his respects, and I ran into all sorts of people including Lyor Cohen, Craig Kallman of Atlantic Records, famed rock photographer Bob Gruen, rockers Bebe Buell and Jim Walls, former Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum chief Terry Stewart, musician Andy Paley, and New Radicals singer songwriter Gregg Alexander, whos co-written the music for next years hit film Can a Song Save Your Life? Mandy Stein, Seymours daughter and the director a CGBGs documentary called Burning Down the House, read Madonnas email tribute to Stein. He signed her at Sire Records in 1983, and the rest is history. Gottehrer told the story of how Sire Records was born, and how and he Stein used to travel to Europe to pick up acts no one wanted. The result was a lot of hits from Ode to Billie Joe to Swedens Focus playing the instrumental Hocus Pocus. Eventually Stein picked up the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, and the Pretenders. Now all of them including Stein himself are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After the awards ceremony, everyone headed over to the Sunshine Landmark Theater for the premiere of Randall Millers CBGB movie and opening night of the CBGB Film and Music Festival. The movie is a tribute Hilly Kristal, whos played with perfect eccentricity by Alan Rickman. There are several outstanding supporting performances, too, from Freddy Rodriguez as a junkie Hilly takes in at CBGB, to Mickey Sumners ragged, spot on turn as Patti Smith. Ahna OReilly is quite good as Mary Harron, and I really liked Harry Potters Rupert Grint and Jusin Bartha, respectively, as Cheetah Chrome and Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys. The music is great, and it was fun for me to relive some personal history. But Miller and screenwriter Jody Slavin have made more of a docudrama and than a movie.

Football: Madonna Wallops Donahue

Madonna rolled up 425 total yards on the Bishops defense, which Taylor said was almost completely changed from what he saw when he scouted Bishop Donahue (3-3). “Bishop Donahue is not a bad team,” Taylor said. “I knew they’d come to play. They changed some things up on us as they gave us a completely different look on defense. But that’s good coaching on their part. They took advantage of the week they had off last week and tried to put something in that would take some of our running game away.” In a way Bishop Donahue did that because Nero got only 42 of his rushing yards in the first half, but Comis stepped up. The senior quarterback, who should get some votes for Kennedy Award, had 200 yards and two touchdowns at halftime. Comis couldn’t get the passing game going, but he really didn’t need to. Madonna passed the ball eight times and completed three of them for 19 yards. The offensive line was creating gaping holes in the Bishop defense so Taylor stayed with the running game. “Our offensive line played well,” he said. “We expect them to play good week in and week out. We work them hard in practice through the week, but they had an exceptional night against what I thought was a pretty good Bishop Donahue front four.” The big night pushes the Blue Dons dynamic duo to nearly the same amount of rushing yardage in the six games Madonna has played. Comis has gained 797 yards on the ground to date while Nero checks in with 789. “Big players have big games,” Taylor said.

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