One Direction More Important Than God? Parents Want Communion Day Rescheduled Due To A 1d Concert Conflict!

Those fond recollections from my childhood include begging for a Skeletor action figure in the commercial exhibits that gave me nightmares when I left it by my bedside later that night, swirling the spinning apples so fast that my Yaya did in fact lose those corn dogs we’d just eaten and was the site for the first rock concert I EVER attended to see THE MOODY BLUES with my folks, a moment so monumental in my mind that I wrote an article chronicling it last December for EXAMINER for your reading pleasure here: . For me that is one of the things that keeps me consistently excited to come back year in and year out, besides the abundance of amazingly unhealthy deliciousness scattered all across the midway, and that’s seeing the spectacular series of live music which from what I have witnessed the last few seasons seems to just get better and better every year! Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum was the perennial performance venue for decades in the Phoenix Metro area long before the Suns left the “Madhouse on McDowell” for their shinier new digs at America West Arena, eventually renamed US Airways Center. Long before places like Comerica Theater, Arena and various others popped up to compete for where big name artists would play in Arizona the Coliseum was the best and only destination with groups like LED ZEPPELIN and THE DOORS playing there when my father growing up across the street with my Yaya and Papa spent his nights cleaning floors before eventually working his way up to being head usher. To this day any performers who take the stage there sound fantastic in this medium size venue that will be hosting bands that are anything but over the next three weekends. There’s something for just about everyone from the classic rock stylings of ZZ TOP and CHEAP TRICK, local hero and former REFRESHMENTS frontman ROGER CLYNE AND THE PEACEMAKERS, THE WANTED and KIDZ BOP KIDZ are there to appeal to the younger crowd who are in many instances experiencing the State Fair for the first time, SNOOP DOGG/LION and the annual OLD SCHOOL JAM got your hip-hop/soul/reggae on lockdown, ALABAMA SHAKES bring some young bluesy blood to the festivities, and former Valley residents MEGADETH bring some face-melting metal after tearing up the Coliseum three years ago. Even JERRY LEWIS is doing a stand-up set that is sure to have funny bones breaking, rounding out a list of favorites that can be seen in it’s entirety on the AZ State Fair website here: ! As a child the State Fair is new and exciting! As an adult its a walk down memory lane even if those walks are never quite the same but its not a bad thing just differently approached is all. Back then the top priorities were probably rides which may lose their luster after a trip or two to Six Flags and carnival games where as now it’s the constantly killer concert series and discovering the most incredible fried food the various vendors in the crazy creativity have to offer. It still doesn’t make the Fair any less enjoyable, especially if you brings some little ones along with you, in the end it’s all about maintaining a terrific tradition. My Yaya and Papa have both been gone for over a decade now, and the home across from the fairgrounds that I eventually lived in myself during my 20’s, forging a whole different set of State Fair memories, is no longer there but as an adult I always feel like a kid again every October when I stroll through those red barns and the sights, sounds and smells of the Arizona State Fair hit me all at once and take me back to a place that really doesn’t seem that far back whenever I think upon it. As we grow older the more important reminiscing becomes otherwise those memories start to fade away.

So a vote was set to ALL of the parents if they would like to change the date, and the final conclusion was a resounding NO to changing the date! Not only that but a lot of parents were super upset at the “disrespect shown to the blessed sacrament” in the request of a date change in the first place! Here’s what the school’s statement said: “Further to requests from a small number of parents to change the planned date of May 24 next for the reception of Holy Communion for the first time for our 2nd Class (Year Two) pupils, Gaelscoil an Raithin, in order to reach the fairest outcome for all concerned, balloted parents overnight on this matter. The result of that ballot has been overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the original date. Staff, parents and children of Gaelscoil an Raithin look forward to preparing for this very special celebration next May.” Now we can understand both sides of this issue! For parents of children that aren’t going to the concert, why should they reschedule their plans? Their kids aren’t missing out! And for parents that do have the tickets – we can understand their side, too. Those tickets were probably super expensive! Luckily for the parents that did buy the tickets, the concert is totally sold out, and the resale price of these tickets is almost double what the original price was! We’re sure 1D will come back to Dublin at some point, so it isn’t like this is the last chance to see the boy band! Although we wouldn’t want to be in those parents’ position as they try and explain to their children how they’re going to miss out on that concert!

Kashmiris snub Hurriyat call to boycott Zubin Mehta concert

30 in Merrillville. The concert will feature guest vocalist Katie Reeves as well as the Symphony Chorus and Symphony Youth Orchestra, all in costume, performing a mix of movie, Broadway and light classical pieces. Audience members are allowed to wear costumes as well, but they arent required. Tickets are $25 to $65 and students are always $10. For tickets or more information call 836-0525 or visit Updated: October 12, 2013 4:51PM Conductor Kirk Muspratt answers question in advance of The Northwest Indiana Symphonys Oct. 24 Halloween concert. Q: Hi, I am 5 years old and I was at your circus concert. It was my very, very first concert. Is everybody going to dress up for the concert on Halloween night? Noah Alexander Bakker, A: Hello, Noah. I am really glad that you came to your first concert. Congratulations!

Halloween concert Oct. 24 ought to be a fright

A TAM survey has shown that an overwhelming 64% of people in Srinagar watched the live telecast of the classical music concert. In fact, insiders say that the call for boycott and strike, which led to shops, schools and establishments being forced to shut, may have even helped increase viewership. The survey by audience measurement agency TAM was conducted on behalf of Prasar Bharati to gauge the response for the music maestro Zubin Mehta conducted ‘Ehsaas-e-Kashmir’ concert. The results show that 64% of the adult population of Srinagar tuned in to DD’s telecast of the concert, and watched it for an average of 55 minutes. The data also revealed that more youth watched the concert telecast than those in the upper age bracket (that is above 35 years). The concert, organized by the German embassy and telecast by Prasar Bharati on September 7, was the first major event to be recorded and beamed on high definition format by the public broadcaster. “Our gamble paid off. We succeeded in reaching the people of Kashmir with music and the message of peace. DD has proved that it can successfully telecast world class programme on the state-of-the-art high definition format,” said Jawhar Sircar, CEO of Prasar Bharati. All stops were pulled for the broadcast: a four-camera HDTV OB Van was dispatched from here to Srinagar, while and a larger 10-HDTV Camera OB Van was moved to the location from Chennai. A 12-camera coverage was planned, with two more mounted on jimmy jib cranes. HD uplink was provided by a special van that was mounted with all facilities for linking with the AsiaSat-5 satellite. Extensive dry runs were carried out in the run-up to the event. The general shutdown was countered by a public communication campaign using advertisements, informing people of the live telecast on the DD network, including the state’s own channel, DD Kashir. A plan was also proposed to set up huge screens at strategic locations in Srinagar, to beam live pictures of the concert.