Traffic Increases At Food Pantries, Aid Programs

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It sounds possible, given the conversation the organizations founder, Carlo Petrini, says he had recently with the new pontiff. Petrini had sent the pope a copy of his book Terra Madre, a tribute to small farmers around the world. Writing on the Slow Food International blog , Petrini says: Around 7 pm I saw that I had a phone call from a blocked number. I answered, curious; and on the other end of the line I heard a by-now familiar voice saying: ‘This is Pope Francis. I received your book and your letter, and I wanted to thank you.’ I was amazed and delighted by a subsequent conversation with someone who felt like a friend, thanks to our common connection to Piedmont and his affection and esteem for the humanity of Terra Madre, the network of farmers, fishers, nomads and food artisans that meets in Turin every two years. According to its website, Slow Food International is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. Petrini founded the group in 1986 to protest the opening of a McDonalds restaurant near Romes Spanish Steps. Petrini says that during their conversation the Argentine-born pope recounted his familys ties to Italys Piedmont area, where Slow Food International is headquartered. My parents moved to Turin from the countryside around Asti, opening a small cafe in a building on the corner of Via Garibaldi, he quotes Francis as saying, before they emigrated to Argentina. My father was supposed to board the Mafalda, but then, because of some problems, he had to postpone his departure for a year. The ocean liner Principessa Mafalda was sailing to Buenos Aires when it sank off the coast of Brazil on Oct. 25, 1927. Hundreds of migrants drowned in the ocean waves. Petrini said he and the pontiff also talked about the farming world. Pope Francis wanted to emphasize how precious the good practices of rural communities are to the worlds destiny.

Contractors among those shut out by shutdown

Macro photo of Romanesco broccoli. A crystal of vitamin C under a microscope. Macro photo of an enzyme-peeled grapefruit. Stove cutaway. Mussels in mussel juice spheres. Spice grinder. Macro photo of red cabbage. Salmon. Blueberries shot with a supermacro technique. Example of a lighting setup. Nathan Myhrvold, the former CTO of Microsoft who helped revolutionize the way we think about cooking , is at it again. This time, hes combined his love of food with his love of photography and produced a stunning and physically enormous book of food photographs called The Photography of Modernist Cuisine .

UPDATE: Mississippi food stamp fiasco not related to government shutdown

About 314,000 federal employees and 250,000 contract workers live in the state. An estimated 800,000 people have been furloughed nationwide. The Maryland Food Bank has distributed more than 1 million pounds of food since the shutdown began, a 63 percent increase over the same period last year, spokesman Kate Sam said. It’s impossible to say how much of that is due to the shutdown, though. Sam noted requests for help in some areas of the state have been up since before the shutdown began. Jacqueline Miller with End Hunger in Calvert County said her nonprofit received an influx of emails from federal workers asking if regulations permitted them to seek help. Her group responded by organizing an event targeted to workers and businesses that rely on them as customers. The group distributed 2,700 pounds of food to 71 families at its first “Food for Furlough” event and is planning another one for Monday in Huntingtown. Miller said the group is not checking federal identification anyone who needs help can receive it so it’s impossible to say how many receiving help have been directly affected by the shutdown. “If you own a gas station or you own a restaurant [frequented by federal workers ], you’re not getting that pay back, which is a real loss,” Miller said. “We wanted to help fill in that gap.” The increase in requests has not been limited to food programs.

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Bryan said Xerox reported that the issue should be resolved shortly, but no specific time frame was available. “This has nothing to do with the federal government shutdown,” Bryan said. A Sam’s Club member services representative said the cards would work if purchases were broken down into smaller increments worth less than $90, but one food stamps user said his card wouldn’t work for a $4 purchase. Managers at Wal-Mart, Rouse’s, Sam’s Club and dollar stores said the system was having problems Saturday, but they weren’t sure why. A manager at Winn Dixie in Biloxi said their system was experiencing no problems. The same could be said for the Winn Dixie in Hattiesburg. When Kimber Necaise of Carriere called the EBT benefits hotline today, she said she was upset to hear that she was unable to use her food stamp benefits card. “I called the reference number and an automated message said that they aren’t accessible at this time,” Necaise said. Necaise and her boyfriend, who have three children, receives around $600 per month in food stamp funds. “We really depend on our benefits,” she said. Jennifer Waits, of Kiln, said that she hopes her card will be operational again. Waits, a single mother with one son, said that the $179 she receives per month helps with food cost.